B4UClick is the premier resource for online safety education in the United States. B4UClick aims to create a way to educate, communicate, and provide a way to report online abuse of any kind in a manner familiar to children.

This program is unique because it includes curriculum for teachers to use that meets legislative mandates and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. Every lesson is wrapped in teaching kids how to be safe. Teachers have access to complete lesson plans, games, and videos that can be live streamed into the classroom.

The site allows kids to access it after school hours too. If children want to play the games on the site, they must successfully answer safety questions before they proceed to the next level. Each time they complete a level, they must answer a question before they can continue.

There is also a section for parents. This section educates them about the dangers inherent in social media and how to help their kids with privacy settings. It also teaches them about current social media sites that their kids are using.