Help Our Children By Donating Today!

When families arrive at our doors for the first time they are often traumatized and reeling with the emotional magnitude of the abuse that has occurred.

Our team of professionals do their best to make families feel comfortable, but the criminal justice system can be very daunting for our families and it is often not child-friendly. Our team works hard to make the child and their family as comfortable as possible. They take time to educate them and work to ensure that they understand how the interview process is going to work. Trauma screenings will follow and our agency partners that are responsible for investigating will work on their portion while the center works to make sure the child and family have the emotional support and services they need.

With this team approach, the effective prosecution rate of child abuse cases in Johnson County has increased by over 70% from the days when there was no center. We are seeing our kids thrive as they complete therapy services and see their cases reaching final disposition. There is a lot of laughter ringing through the hallways of our building and a lot of kids successfully graduating from services.

We hope that anyone that is considering long-term planning will consider making a planned gift to the Children’s Advocacy Center. That gift could be used to change the lives of countless children by helping them overcome their trauma and move forward with a happy and productive life! We hope that you will consider making a gift if this is something important to you and your family. Everyday I am amazed by the work that takes place inside these walls and every single day I am completely humbled at the courage of our children.

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