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Growing Demand

Our team is made up of seventeen agencies across Johnson County. The tragic news is that this team is being challenged with an alarming increase in their case load. During our 2018 Fiscal Year (as of 8-31-18), we served 1,669 Primary and Secondary Victims, conducted 477 Forensic Interviews and provided 3,576 Individual Therapy Sessions.

Johnson County will continue to grow due to an influx of people moving into to new apartments and homes being constructed across Johnson County. With the construction of the Chisholm Trail Toll Road, many people from Ft. Worth are looking to Johnson County as a quieter place to live with a quick commute to work. The current projections for new homes and residences predicts that 3,000 – 5,000 new homes will be built over the next five years.
new cac floor plans

Looking to the Future

In 2009, the Children’s Advocacy Center relocated to its present (fourth) location due to a lack of space. Due to the increased case load and expansion of services provided to families, the current facility has once again exhausted its usable space. Thankfully, the Board of Directors and Staff Leadership have anticipated the increased demand for services and have purchased ten acres of land in Cleburne that include a 30,000 square-foot slab of concrete. The neighborhood is safe and centrally located in the city with the space that allows the center to make this a long-term location.

There is no outstanding debt on this land or the current 5,000 square-foot facility that currently houses the center.

The master plan for addressing growth for the next thirty years includes a capital campaign project in support of construction of a 30,000-square-foot facility on the ten acres of land. The campaign is anticipated to be completed in multiple phases: Phase I included the purchase of the land and paying off the current facility. This phase is complete. Phase II will include the construction of the new center which would be approximately 13,000 square feet.

In the future, Phase III will encompass building out the remaining square footage that would include a crucial training area for the multi-disciplinary team. The space would also be used to train educators and agencies on “B4U Click”, which is the online safety and prevention program designed by the Children’s Advocacy Center. This program is currently being utilized internationally. The center has provided assistance to England, Australia and Argentina, as well as multiple states across the United States.

What’s Needed?

In order to more into our forever home the center will need to raise $3 Million. These funds will be raised by community donations, corporate donations and from the award of grants through foundations. This would allow the center to build out a facility that provides a child friendly location that also addresses overall safety and security of the children we serve. Our current location is overcrowded and offers no privacy. Families are easily viewed from the busy intersection outside the center doors and perpetrators have easy access to the parking lot. Our new center will help us address these issues and will allow for all staff to have their own office space. We have currently suspended our intern programs because we have no space to house them, and some staff do not have private offices.

These children have had their childhoods harshly interrupted. As we work to provide justice, hope and healing for hurting children, we need your support. More importantly They need your support! The community’s endorsement and participation in the capital campaign will illuminate child abuse in Johnson County in a way that, over time, will give abusers a clear message… YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! …we need to give child victims HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE! Please come and be a part of restoring childhood hopes and dreams for the many children served by the Children’s Advocacy Center.

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