Peg Doll Campaign

How the campaign works…Pay the adoption fee for a doll, family, or a team. Display the dolls at your home or business. Send your creative photos to so we can post them on the center’s social media sites to share with the entire Johnson County Community. Please have fun with this campaign. This campaign is designed to create awareness surrounding child abuse and the mission of the Children’s Advocacy Center. We want families and businesses to have the opportunity to support child victims in a very real and meaningful way.

Return your dolls by May 30th to the Center or return them at our June 1, 2018 event at the Cleburne Conference Center, so we can make next year’s event even more successful for the children we serve. It is optional to return your dolls for re-adoption. You may also keep them if you like. You can request personally customized dolls for an additional $5 per doll or $10 for a team/family group of four.

Complete the form today and return it to the Children’s Advocacy Center to join in the fun!

Doll Adoption Form